Apps and games temporarily free for Android today, 27/04/2018


Let’s check these apps and games temporarily free for Android today, 27/04/2018


Apps temporarily free for Android today


Dim Night Mode Screen – Night Mode Pro  – $1.49 FREE

According to research, blue light from your phone and tablet screen can harm your retinal neurons.
Blue light also reduces the secretion of melatonin (a hormone that influences circadian rhythms), making it harder for you to fall asleep after looking at your phone for an extended period at night.

Recent research suggests that exposure to blue light before sleep may distort your natural (circadian) rhythm and cause inability to fall asleep.

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$0.99 FREE

Voice Recorder for android gives you all basic functions with ease to use.

There are lots of times you might want to save what you’re hearing for later — perhaps you’re using Android apps to help you in college and want to record a lecture, or maybe you just want to remember what groceries to grab later.

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MyTorrent Pro : $2.49 FREE

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SnapShot – Screenshots Pro – $1.49 FREE

This app allows you to take a secret screenshot on your phone, with just the home button! It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s great!

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3G Watchdog Pro – $1.99 FREE

3G Watchdog Pro monitors your Mobile and WiFi Internet data usage:

* Mobile (4G/3G/Edge/GPRS…), roaming & WiFi usage counting
* Advanced data usage prediction
* Billing rules (counts in blocks, ignores uploads, exclude apps, exclude time periods, do not count 2G or 4G)
* Usage history with graph & CSV export
* Usage by application (Android 2.2+, unavailable on Dell Streak)
* Real Time traffic graphs (local, roaming and WiFi)
* Alerts & optional auto-disable of mobile network

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Names and Meanings – $2.99 FREE

We all have a first name, but how many of us really know its origin and history? Most people have some idea of their name meaning or where their name came from.
We offer name meanings for over 50,000 different baby names, surnames, and city names from all over the world.

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Music Player Pro – $0.99 FREE

Best music playermp3 player for listen to music free.
Music player, Mp3 player is one of the best app for music and audio player for Android
By using Music player, Mp3 player, you can listen to all audio file types. Play your favorite music mp3 and others files!
By music player, you will easily to all the musics in your phone.

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– Support mp3, ogg, flac, wav, mp4/m4a (incl. alac), ape, wv, tta, mpc, aiff, m3u, m3u8, pls, wpl playlists…


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0Quotes – $0.99 FREE

0Quotes is app for quotes(English language only)

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Clock Maker Pro – $1.49 FREE


Clock Maker – is a program-widget, which can be configured as you have in mind!

You can locate widget elements (hours, minutes, date, weather, battery charge level) in any place within widget relatively to desktop wallpapers.
You can place unlimited number of elements upon widget which can overlap each other creating 3D-effect, shadows and so on. It’s all limited only by your imagination!

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Purple Player Pro: Music Player App – $2.49 FREE

Purple Player is perfect trio of music player, lyrics and colors ! Try now !! 🎧

Listen to your favorite songs in your favorite color themed music player with lyrics !!

Purple Player is an intuitive, simple yet powerful & customizable music player for Android.

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Games temporarily free for Android today


Mystery of Fortune 2 – $0.99 FREE

Mystery of Fortune 2 is the eighth episode of Fortune Chronicle Episodes. This is the official sequel of SRPG Mystery of Fortune(2014).

Explore dungeons with your own army and try to make the most efficient corps.

You must charge your phone while playing!


1. 25 available units and over 35 monsters.

2. Battle macro system that helps battles.

3. Changing class system lets you acquire various skills and strategies.

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4. More gears and items to equip and collect.

5. Total 85 dungeons in 14 states to explore.

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$2.99 FREE

Welcome to the next generation of game development! Game Studio Tycoon 2 puts you in the place of an independent game developer during the early days of the gaming industry. Play through 50 years of gaming history and develop on over 40 different platforms! Expand your studio along the way and hire up to 16 employees!

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Sokoban Land DX – $2.99 FREE

The Sokoban Land needs your help.
Someone came by and made a big mess!

Now only someone with a brave heart (and an organizer soul) will be able to put everything in place and open the gates for everyone to walk there freely again.

This game is based on the classic Sokoban (Push Box),a puzzle style game in which the player must push boxes to places defined on the levels.

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These apps and games temporarily free for Android in a short time, grab them before the sale end.