Top apps and games are free for Android today, 21/04/2018


Here are top apps and games are free for Android in a today, 21/04/2018.


Apps are free for Android today


: $0.99 FREE

Transparent Screen is an excellent and amazing app that will help you to apply Transparent Live Wallpaper to your screen. It will show your background screen from back camera and make your device as Transparent Screen. Absolutely Transparent Wallpaper will give you entire new user experience.

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onTouch English Dictionary – Premium – $1.49 FREE

Meet, onTouch English dictionary, shows the definition/meaning of English words as pop up without opening dictionary app ever. No hassle of switching between apps. Save time, improve productivity. You can also use this as normal English Dictionary.

It is an offline dictionary hence it will run without internet connection.

Definitions are based on English Wiktionary hence they are comprehensive and easy to understand. With Wiktionary, you get the best definition, synonyms, antonyms and example sentences.

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TouchRemove – $0.99 FREE

Erase unwanted objects and people from your pictures.

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$0.99 FREE

PowerAudio Pro music player brings you the all new music experience. It features an easy to use interface and best in class audio quality. You can browse songs by albums, artists or playlists. PowerAudio Pro has a separate tab for all your favorite tracks, you can add songs to your favorites from any tab. PowerAudio Pro supports playlists, you can create you own playlists with the tracks you want. This music player features a powerful equalizer with BassBoost and Virtualizer. You can choose from a variety of music presets or create your custom preset.

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Night Mode – Filter for eye care – $0.99 FREE

Blue light in the dark environment is harmful for eye health. it causes many problems in eyes and brain. This filter prevents this blue light in dark to keep your eyes safe, cool and healthy.

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VFR GPS Airplane Navigation – $4.99 FREE

This fully self contained tool will guide you to any airport, Vor, or Point of Interest in the world. No downloads, no subscriptions, no ads, updates are free.

The Map Screen requires a temporary data connection for automatic downloading.

This GPS based system is a quick and extremely simple full Guidance and Navigation tool for pilots to enjoy the view from the sky without wasting precious flying time with complicated navigation instruments. Searches and easily provides guidance to any airport, Radio VOR, or Point of Interest(any LAT/LON combination) in the world.

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SkanApp hands-free PDF scanner – $7.99 FREE

Place your smartphone in the Skanstick, available on Amazon and, and enjoy the benefits of scanning naturally, in place.

Having both hands free, enhanced by Augmented Reality buttons, lets you hold and scan stapled documents, folded receipts, books and magazines and even add voice remarks without touching the phone.
With the app’s incredible speed of 250+ pages in 10 minutes¹, you can declutter your office by scanning all those documents in big three-ring binders and piles of folded receipts quickly and easily.
OCR (100+ languages) is done on the phone, Internet is not required.
The ability to create your own PDF Keywords in any language regardless of the languages used in the document, makes it easy to organize and find documents later.

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Games are free for Android today


Dead Bunker II – $0.99 FREE

In this game you are going to be a mercenary who does every work he sees! To risk your life – this is what your job is, as long as they pay for that well!
After the phone call of your old friend who served together with you in special forces, you’ll need to do a task… A company dealing with some biological developments offered good money for a job that, at first, seems to be easy. To find documents in one of the secret laboratories of the former competitors. Why not? And the wage is fair!

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Horse Racing & Betting Game (Premium) – $0.99 FREE

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports developed by humankind. Over the years many new formats and styles have evolved but basic premise remains somewhat same- to find the fastest horse-jockey pairs among the given set. Also horse race betting is one of the most loved gambling formats across the globe. So here comes horse race & bet a fun filled simulation game taking you to the thrill of horse race betting without risking a single penny.

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Everybody’s RPG$0.99 FREE

High-quality dot graphic that brings back old memories!
Heroes with various jobs are prepared.

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Calc Fast – $0.99 FREE

Calc Fast is a math game, where you need to solve as many math equations as possible in 60 seconds.

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These apps and games are free for Android in a short time. So, quickly download them before this sale end.